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The Naracoorte Caves and their Fossils

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When in South Australia you may like to delve into South Australia’s ancient past. And by delve we really mean delve. Explore a wonder unlike any other, below the earth’s surface you’ll find a marvelous and ancient world.Stalactites and stalagmites have formed over half a million years as minerals gather and drip from the earth above.Naracoorte Caves National Park

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Cycling in South Australia

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One of the best ways to explore South Australia  is on two wheels, wind rushing through your hair under the bright blue sky.  There’s lots of things to see on a ride. Better yet, you get to experience it all at your own pace.There are also some great cycle tours to take. Even if you don’t ride often you can take a tour through some gentle and beautiful areas.Ride

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The Migration Museum in Adelaide

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The Migration Museum is all about understanding the diverse history of Australia. Preserving and celebrating the amazing array of different human cultures,religions and identity that Adelaide has played host to over the years.The museum tells these stories through individual works and powerful exhibitions and artefacts from the communities that make up the tapestry

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The Stunning Clare Valley

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You may have heard about a little place called the Barossa Valley, but have you heard about the equally stunning Clare Valley? Escape into a charming secluded region that manages to be both intimate and set apart.Country pubs are to fall in love with, hearty food and some of the best wine to be found. You’ll want to visit the Rising Sun and Sevenhill Hotel for

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