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Whyalla Maritime Museum

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Whyalla Maritime Museum is a brilliant museum, a visit is like re-living Whyalla’s past. Whyalla and it’s shipyards had a role in World War II and the museum highlights this in fascinating style. You can even board and explore the the HMAS Whyalla, which was the first ship built on site. The HMAS Whyalla served in World War II as a minesweeper. The enthusiastic

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The Whispering Wall

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The Whispering Wall is a famous and and unique attraction, located just out of Williamstown in the Barossa Valley. The Barossa Reservoir is a magical place because of the curious acoustic effect that the curved dam wall creates. It is said that even whispers made by someone standing on one end of the dam can be heard clearly from all the way on the other side. A feat

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