Explore the haunting Adelaide Gaol


Anyone who’s ever jumped off a plane or train at Adelaide is struck immediately by the beautiful old sandstone buildings that line our capital’s streets.

There’s one in particular that’s definitely worth a visit, whether you’re a life-long South Australian or a tourist come to see the local sights.

The Adelaide Gaol is one of South Australia’s oldest public buildings; it’s in the top two in fact.

And unlike many historical sites that give way to developers or time, you can still explore this one for yourself.

Guided tours make the gaol an easily accessible step back in time, and there’s plenty to learn about one of Australia’s most unique former colonies.

The gaol was built in 1841 and became home to some 300,000 inmates over the following century and a half until it was closed.

The walls certainly have a few stories to tell, from the gruesome to the ghostly. Prisoners left behind a fascinating history to uncover from their life behind bars.

You may prefer a more chilling night visit to the Gaol.  Ghost Tours offer a unique thrill where you will hear about many of the Gaol’s ghostly and supernatural activities.

Located at 18 Gaol Road, Thebarton, self-guided tours are always available and it’s worth checking the availability of other types of tour as well.

The whole trip will set you back anywhere up to $34 for a family pass, or $14 for adults, $12 concession and $9 for children.

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